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Established in 1980, and serving the greater Bay Area and Northern California,  Electronic Innovations, Inc. is a family owned and operated Security Access Control Contractor. We specialize in providing our clients with a wide range of protective services that address a multitude of electronic and physical security needs.


Offering the most current technology solutions in the industry, Electronic Innovations, Inc., relies upon its talented team to identify, create, install, and service the perfect protection system for our customers. 


Our areas of expertise include video surveillance, electronic access control, phone entry systems, card access, wireless communication, guard booths, traffic control, vehicle barricades, antiterrorism protection, emergency phones for campus and stadium facilities, turnstiles, automatic gates, CCTV, bollards, and more. 


Our business is designed to provide a multitude of service offerings to a wide range of residential and commercial clients. Primarily our clientele consists of  independent home owners, HOA’s, Homeland Security, public access entities such as, but not limited to, airports, bridges, government facilities, CEO’s and leaders of Industry, local celebrities, refineries, music studios, educational campus settings, detention facilities, wineries, high profile food prep facilities, and waterways. 


Our fully equipped office and warehouse is able to meet your needs with a full in house administrative staff, iron fabrication facility, parts and distribution warehouse, sales, installation, service and IT department, plus a full line of construction and service vehicles. We have all the tools required to get your job done properly and up and running. Additionally, we offer residential and commercial Preventative Maintenance programs to ensure your system is serviced and maintained on an ongoing basis to maximize the life of your system and ensure its peak performance on a 24/7 basis. 


As a California licensed C10 Electrical, C7 Low Voltage, and C61/D28 door, gates, and activation device contractor, we are trained and licensed to design-to-build a new system, retrofit an existing system, and or upgrade your system to meet UL325 safety standards.  All these services are supported by our dedicated and talented team of individuals who work hard to secure your environment.


Our employees are thoroughly screened and have active security clearances due to the sensitive nature of our work and we take great pride in being an active green company.  Feel free to call us today to discuss your security needs.

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