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Founded in 1980, Electronic Innovations, Inc. has been providing residential gate and entry control security to the greater Bay Area. From simple to complex security needs, Electronic Innovations, Inc. can  design, fabricate, new systems as well as upgrade and replace existing ones. Our craftsmanship allows us to consult, design, fabricate and install gates, cameras, intercoms, telephone entry units, and more to ensure ultimate perimeter protection. While our well-staffed inhouse Installation Department installs your system, our inhouse Service Department is present to maintain your system on an as needed and ongoing basis.



Automatic gates are one of many security options our company can provide our customers. Offering a wide range of swing gates, tilt up gates, slide gates, overhead gates and more, we can meet the most discriminating customer needs. With an inhouse iron shop we have the flexibility to fabricate and repair gates.  By using only state-of-the-art equipment needed to operate and support our automatic gates, our customers are promised an excellent warranty package on parts and services.


Our telephone entry units are designed to control access to a driveway gate and or pedestrian gate so residents can communicate through a phone and provide access through the gate with a push of a button or by utilizing cell-gate services. We offer solutions for single homes, multi-units, commercial and residential. In addition, we carry all the latest products from the leading suppliers and provide cell-gate options.

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