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The leader in entry control and automation, proudly securing the Bay Area and Northern California since 1980.


At Electronic Innovations we consult, design, install , and service automatic gate and entry control systems. Our dedicated installation, service, and IT technicians can handle each aspect of your project.


Residential security options include sales and free estimates on any size access system. We will evaluate your project needs and let you know what would work best to keep you safe and secure. We provide system consulting and design that protects and enhances the value of your life and your property.


We offer a broad range of security protection for the commercial industry. Our products include, but not limited to, surveillance systems, anti-terrorist, guard booths, automatic gates, bollards, traffic control, turnstiles, emergency phones, pedestrian gates, automated barrier gates, automatic vehicle identification, card readers, traffic teeth, high security access control systems, card reading systems, and more. We work with architects and design teams to create an access control system that secures your property and meets today’s safety standards.


Lisa, C

"What a wonderful, professional company!! After having disastrous results with two other gate repair companies I luckily found Electronics Innovations. Margaret was a delight on the phone and Eric, the service tech, was as helpful and professional as can be. I would highly recommend them and look forward to using them for service and repairs in the future!"
-Arroyo Grande, CA


At Electronic Innovations we design, install , and service automatic gate and entry control systems. We have dedicated installation, service, and IT technicians to handle each aspect of your project.


Founded in 1980, Electronic Innovations, Inc. has been providing residential gate and entry control security to the greater Bay Area. From simple to complex security needs, Electronic Innovations, Inc. can
design, fabricate, new systems as well as upgrade and replace existing ones. Our craftsmanship allows us to consult, design, fabricate and install gates, cameras, intercoms, telephone entry units, and more to ensure ultimate perimeter protection. While our well-staffed inhouse Installation Department installs your system, our inhouse Service Department is present to maintain your system on an as needed and
ongoing basis.


With over 40 years of experience in the commercial sector, Electronic Innovations, Inc., has built a successful business by guaranteeing a secure environment for its high-level clientele. Where the presence of security is of the utmost importance and exposure is at its highest public exposure, the Military, Government, Public Arena’s, Universities, Corporate Campuses, Public Transportation on land, air, and sea, refineries, golf courses, and sporting facilities exists. We proceed with the confidence and trust from those we protect, that their surroundings are safe and secured inside and out.


Specializing in full multi-family housing security control from the initial guard booth entrance into a  gated community, through the barrier gate arms, to the telephone entry system, with a vehicle detection entry/exit device, coupled with 24/7 surrounding video surveillance cameras (that are networked via central video management system) for building and parking lot protection, to your front door entrance, we’ve got your utmost safety at the top of our list. From high-end housing to HUD projects we strive to minimize the vulnerability of housing communities while maximizing the strength of safeguarding your surroundings with today’s latest fully integrated, comprehensive, user friendly, technology solution.


California’s highest-ranking agencies depend on Electronic Innovations, Inc. to protect its buildings, waterways, refineries, police and fire fighting facilities, airports, military facilities, correctional facilities, public parks and recreation facilities, landmark bridges, city halls, police stations, law enforcement centers, universities, military defense contractors, public transportation agencies, gas and electric companies, federal and state funded hospitals, the Port Commission, and more. From an extensive array of solutions to meet design, installation and service needs, no job is too small or too large to properly secure your facility is our highest priority.


Our service department is trained and qualified to handle your entry control residential service and maintenance needs. We provide minor to major repairs, replacements, upgrades, and ongoing preventative maintenance on a monthly and annual basis. Our technician’s truck is a parts warehouse on wheels. For those hard to find parts, our inhouse purchasing department is skilled to either locate your part from our extensive warehouse inventory or by placing a special order for quick delivery. We provide excellent customer service to meet your individual needs while keeping you properly informed on all cost and services related to your repair and system maintenance. Keeping your system running in tip top performance not only extends the life of the equipment it ensures the system is operating at peak performance while verifying it is compliant with today’s strict UL325 and ASTM-F200 safety standards.


Our onsite warehouse houses the latest parts and hardware from security product manufacturers for a complete comprehensive access control product line. Our experienced and informed purchasing department can access any part or piece of equipment necessary to complete or service your security system. As a leading industry integrator, being able to access the best product in a timely manner is imperative to a project’s success and trusted warranty.


Electronic Innovations is a security contractor specializing in entry control and industrial security solutions. Our systems help provide solutions ranging from residential homeowners to commercial, educational, state and federal organizations. Our team of certified professionals strive to secure your expectations.

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21 Parr Blvd, Richmond, CA 94801

Office Phone: (510) 233-2795

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